Why We Choose Wool, part 2

A Lifelong Love of Wool

My personal connection to wool started as a child. I used to collect little bits of fleece from fences and fields on walks, and then card it to use to stuff for toys I was making. It’s a very tactile material and lovely to work with- I’ve never stopped enjoying it.

Renewable Fibre

One of the many benefits of wool is that it’s a renewable fibre, as every year the sheep grows a new fleece. In order to improve efficiency, woolgrowers work towards protecting the environment to make the industry sustainable for future generations.

Wool is very breathable.

One of the reasons I personally appreciate this is that Stitch (my dog) and I go for lots of hill walks in the Scottish borders, so woollen jumpers, hats and scarves are ideal, and usually necessary!. The crimped fibres of wool form tiny pockets of air when tightly packed together, which allow it to absorb and release moisture, without affecting how warm it is.


Wool is Perfect for All Seasons

As the weather here can change fairly quickly, wool is the obvious choice, as it is also multi-climatic or trans-seasonal. Its hygroscopic properties mean it reacts to your body temperature, keeping you comfortable no matter what the weather!