Islands Inspiration

The Islands Collection was inspired by family holidays to the isles of Mull and Iona, and has a strong focus on colour. The quality and variety of blues, the white sands, yellow kayaks (we called ours Banana) and sunny days spent playing on beaches were the starting point. Iona is a place that fills me with a sense of calm and happiness, and it is these feelings that I have tried to capture by using minimalist pattern.

Lismore wrap
Beaches on the isle of Mull
Iona Scarf made with finest soft wool

These holidays were filled with play- building forts, races, and cartwheeling on the beach! The designs are minimalist, but I hope the bright colours have captured a bit of the playfulness of this!

Of course, these holidays were in Scotland, so it wasn’t all sunshine. There were lots of grey rainy days too, and I have memories of having to empty puddles out of my wellies after long walks in the drizzle. So these misty grey days had to be represented too! Luckily days inside meant spending a lot of time working on whatever craft project I had with me. 

Mist Scarf
The sound of Iona
Mist Wrap over Storm Jumper