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  Jura Blanket Scarf,  photograph by Julien Borghino.

Jura Blanket Scarf, photograph by Julien Borghino.

Luxury Scottish Knitwear

Luxury Scottish Knitwear by Collingwood-Norris. Our contemporary knitted jumpers and accessories for men and women are designed and made in our small studio in the Scottish Borders. Using the finest lambswool, each scarf, hat, and jumper is individually knitted by Flora in studio and hand finished to the highest standard.

Customer Reviews

 "I really love and value my scarf. I bought an Ettrick scarf and it is by far the most beautiful scarf I have ever owned, It is even better knowing that it is made in the UK."

"Thanks very much for the Staffa jumper.  I can't tell you how wonderful, soft, and comfortable this jumper is.  I was very hesitant to wear it in public because of its bright colors, but I love it!!  It's my favorite piece of clothing.  I wanted to convey to you how grateful I am. "

"My Teviot Hat is the softest and warmest thing ever to grace my head! And so beautifully made"