5 Tips on How to Care for your Lambswool Knitwear

I thought I would share some tips caring for your lambswool knitwear so you can make your knitwear and woollen items last longer. With good care, there is no reason why your scarf, hat or jumper shouldn’t last a lifetime.

1. Wash your lambswool knitwear sparingly.

One of the benefits of wool is that it doesn’t need to be washed unless it’s actually dirty. Just air it to get rid of any odours!

2. Wash your lambswool jumper inside out.

Always wash your jumpers inside out- this means that the inside of the jumper is the surface that will rub against other items in the wash, and any pilling will occur on the inside.

3. Wash your lambswool jumper with care

Either hand-wash your jumper in lukewarm water (for tips on hand washing see our care instructions), or machine wash with care. Always use a wool detergent, and if machine washing make sure you pick a wool wash (yes, it is different form a delicate cycle), and reduce the rpm for a low spin cycle.

4. Storing your Woollens

When not in use, fold your jumper and store it in a drawer. Do not hand it up, as it will stretch over time and become misshapen.

Always fold your jumpers- do not hang!

Always fold your jumpers- do not hang!

Store in sealable bags to avoid moths

Store in sealable bags to avoid moths

5. Avoid Moths!

If storing your knitwear for a long time, there are several things you can do to avoid moths. Make sure your jumper or scarf is clean, as moths like to lay their eggs in the dirt. Ideally, store your knitwear in a sealable bag. You can also use cedar, lavender and a variety of other natural things in your drawers to deter moths.

More tips coming soon!