Behind the Scenes Collingwood-Norris Film

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Katy from Munjiri Videos, who has created a lovely video for Collingwood-Norris. Katy spent two days here, immersing herself in my world, capturing the studio and making processes, the materials, our walks and some of the beautiful Scottish Borders landscape.

Behind the Scenes at Collingwood-Norris

One of the aims of the film is to be able to show behind the scenes at Collingwood-Norris, to show you the studio, the inspirations, the colours and the making processes. And of course, Leni!

Inspiration behind Collingwood-Norris.jpg
Colourful yarns at Collingwood-Norris. Natural fibres.jpg
Behind the scenes at Collingwood-Norris.jpg

Scottish Borders Landscape

I wanted the video to capture some of the landscape around me, where I walk everyday, and to give you a better idea of where this knitwear comes from.

The Eildon hills are a distinctive landmark in the Scottish borders. You can see then from long distances, and as they’re close to Galashiels I often go for walks on them. Katy and I went up the Eildons one evening, partly to walk Leni, and partly to capture the wild flowers, berries, and heather there! A storm was heading our way, and we had a beautiful pink skyline for a while before we had to run for cover under a tree while the storm passed.

Behind the scenes in the Scottish Borders.jpg
Scottish Borders, behind the scenes video shoot for Collingwood-Norris.jpg
Behind the scenes video shoot on the Eildon Hills.jpg

Wild Flowers

We were lucky to be filming in Summer, with a huge range of wild flowers at their best, including willowherb, harebells, heather- there were a lot of pinks and purples, and Katy captured some beautiful shots of them for the film, while I took some photos of her at work and took some of my own photos of harebells, as they are some of my favourite wild flowers. It all adds to the colour I try and surround myself with!

Harebells in the Scottish Borders.jpg
Wild flowers in the Scottish Borders.jpg

Colourful Knitwear

I hope you like being able to watch this little overview of Collingwood-Norris- we’ve tried to capture the making processes, the knitwear, colours and the person behind it all. It also features some of my new colourful and limited edition sweaters, and if you were paying attention you may even have spotted my new scarf design near the end, which will be launching in October!

Here I am wearing one of my limited edition Erraid sweaters, with a pile of my scarves and hats.

Here I am wearing one of my limited edition Erraid sweaters, with a pile of my scarves and hats.