Jed Hat

Jed Hat


Dark Grey and Mustard Yellow Patterned Pom Pom Hat

A beautifully soft, lambswool hat suitable for men and women, with jacquard patterning and large pom. With double hem, this hat will keep you very cosy!

Each hat is knitted on a hand powered knitting machine in the Scottish Borders, and finished by hand to the highest standard.  

  • 100% Geelong Lambswool, spun and dyed in Kinross, Scotland.

  • Size: Standard adult fit.

  • Made in Galashiels, Scotland.

  • Knitted by Flora and Cara, in the studio.

Limited Edition of 7.


To find out how these hats are made, you can read the blog Lambswool Pom Pom Hat: In the Making here. 

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