Warm lambswool Scarves for Cold Weather

Once again it's the start of a new year, and once again I aim to do some more blogging... 

After what has felt like weeks of grey, wet weather, I finally had a chance to take some of the newer scarves out in the freezing cold (-8). Some of the many benefits of wool are it's breathability and temperature regulating properties, so wool scarves for cold hill walks are perfect, and these scarves did not disappoint!

Teviot Hat and Scarf

Teviot Hat and Scarf

Ways to Wear a Scarf

When I do events I often hear people worry about only knowing one way to wear a scarf, and until recently I was the same- I would throw on my scarf in the same way each time, so on this walk I tried a few different ideas. Above is the Teviot Scarf, which I'm wearing in the way I would normally wear a scarf- wound round once, and the left alone (although generally I would tuck it into my coat for extra warmth!). 

Below is the Tiree scarf- on the left it is just draped round and left open. This works particularly well if you're planning to leave your coat open and want some colour showing. On the right I have wound the scarf round once, and then tucked one end in- it keeps it in place! The Island scarves are great to play with when it comes to experimenting with how to wear them- the blocks of colour can be shown in different ways, with very little effort (more to come on this soon). 

The Ettrick Scarf is bright and cosy- all the River Scarves are wider than the Island scarves, and twice the thickness (so much soft lambswool I never want to take them off!), so you can really use them to wrap up in! Double up the scarf and thread the end through the loop- quick and easy! 

Styling Soft Lambswool Scarves

What I've really enjoyed is playing with the Yarrow and Eden scarves. They have areas of plain colour, and areas of pattern, so make really interesting knots where you can see flashes of colour and pattern- again, more coming soon. 

Yarrow scarf

Yarrow scarf

The Scottish Borders really is a beautiful area- on walks like this I'm constantly reminded how lucky I am to have such beautiful countryside just minutes away from me.