Re-Introducing the Oronsay Scarf

A pretty lambswool scarf in pastel pinks and greens. 

I'm re-introducing the Oronsay scarf as it was rather neglected when I first designed it- I didn't have photographs of it being worn, and I didn't give it any show space at events. But now with the help of photographer Julien Borghino and model Aglaé Zebrowski I have some great new photos of this lambswool scarf to share!  

Collingwood- Norris Oronsay scarf_£85_Lambswool.jpg

Fine, Soft Lambswool

Like all our scarves, this Oronsay scarf is made with fine, soft lambswool- it's lightweight but warm, and perfect for transitioning between the seasons. All the lambswool used is spun and dyed in Kinross, Scotland, and of course, knitted in our studio in Galashiels. 

Collingwood- Norris Oronsay scarf for women. A luxury lambswool scarf made in Scotland. Contemporary knitwear design.jpg

Brighten up your outfit

These pretty shades are perfect for adding colour to an outfit! Drape it round your shoulders, tie it in a knot, however you wear this scarf it will brighten up your outfit. 

Collingwood- Norris Oronsay scarf.jpg