Starting a New Year

I'm sure I'm not alone in aiming to do all sorts of things at the start of the year, and not quite getting there. One of my resolutions is to blog more. I'm a bit late in starting, but it is still January... 

Collingwood-Norris is based in the Scottish Borders, so I thought I would start by showing you some more of this beautiful area. Every day we go walking, so this scenery plays a big part in inspiring, reviving and energising us! 

Resolutions for this year include sharing more information about our materials, processes, and inspirations. As the ethics and environmental impact of the fashion industry is something that we care passionately about, the aim is to also talk about other companies we admire, and share any interesting information we find. 

Of course, we're also aiming to bring out new products, and have started with our new wraps. Large, lightweight and super soft- perfect for snuggling up in on cold days, they can be used as an over sized scarf, as a wrap, or a small blanket!  Other new designs will be coming soon...  

Iona wrap made with finest soft wool, and made in the Scottish Borders

Iona Wrap, made with finest soft lambswool. 




Eildon Hand Knits

Inspiration often comes from the landscapes around me. For my new hand knitted accessories, it's the Eildon Hills that have provided it. 

The Eildon Hills are my local landmark in the Scottish Borders- I see them every day from my walks with my dog Stitch, and walk up them on others for the fantastic views. They're visible for miles around, so often on my journey home from trips I can see them all the way, welcoming me back. So I feel very attached to these hills- the way they change through the seasons, and their distinctive peaks and the little discoveries I make there. 

Eildon Hills

Theses landmark peaks and the small lake half way them up are the inspiration behind my latest hat design. The points in the pattern are as distinctive as the hills. I've used thick, soft wool, so that these accessories will be perfect for hills walks and exploring in winter. 

Making the Eildon Hand Knit Hat
Eildon hand knitted hats in luxurious soft wool